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Flower Care

Wedding Anniversaries

Each wedding anniversary has a different gift and flower associated with it.

View our collection of anniversary flower arrangements to celebrate your special day.



Year Traditional Modern Flowers
1 Paper Clocks Carnation
2 Cotton China Lily of the Valley
3 Leather Crystal, glass Sunflower
4 Fruit, flowers Applicances Hydrangea
5 Wood Silverware Daisy
6 Candy, iron Wood Calla
7 Wood, Copper Desk set Freesia
8 Bronze, pottery Linens, laces Lilac
9 Pottery, willow Leather Bird of Paradise
10 Tin, aluminium Diamond Daffodil
11 Steel Fashion Jewellery Tulip
12 Silk, linen Pearls Peony
13 Lace, textiles Furs Chrysanthemum
14 Ivory Gold Jewellery Orchid
15 Crystal Watches Rose
20 China Platinum Aster
25 Silver Silver Iris
30 Pearl Diamond Sweet pea and Lily
35 Coral Jade Gladiolus
40 Ruby Ruby Nasturtium
50 Gold Gold Yellow Rose and Violets
55 Emerald Emerald  
60 Diamond Diamond  
75 Diamond Diamond