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Non alcoholic for delivery to New Zealand

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You may not wish to include alcohol in your gift box, and your recipient will respect your decision and value the gift even more – especially if Interflora's suggestion of a traditional fruit syrup is perfectly suited.

Flowers and gifts: Lavenders Green Lemon Cordial
Lavenders Green Lemon Cordial - 17.95

A concentrated lemon syrup presented in a stylish and distinctive blue glass bottle. This artisan product is produced by Lavenders Green (based in an old 1860’s farm house set in rambling gardens and paddocks in the Wairarapa) and is made to a very old traditional New Zealand recipe – a sugar syrup with fresh, organically grown and spray-free lemon juice and rind. It has a shelf life of eighteen months, from date of making, and once opened, it should be refrigerated and consumed within one month. It is most refreshing made up with iced water, mineral water or soda, delicious with hot water (can be used as the basis of a toddy), and for grown-ups, it is delightful diluted with gin or vodka. The 750 ml bottle of concentrate when diluted makes up to five litres of drink.

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