Each month has a unique flower associated with it and a special meaning. Make it an extra special birthday for someone with flowers and view our range of flower arrangements for birthdays.

    Month Flower and Meaning
  January Carnation - love, pride, beauty, purity, distinction, and fascination
  February Violet - faithfulness, wisdom and hope
  March Daffodil - rebirth, respect, regard and unrequited love
  April Sweet Pea - modesty and simplicity
  May Lily of the Valley - humility, chastity, and sweetness
  June Rose - love and appreciation, while other meanings depends on each colour
  July Larkspur - levity and lightness
  August Poppy - remembrance
  September Aster/Forget-me-not - patience, daintiness and remembrance
  October Calendula - winning grace
  November Chrysanthemum - compassion, friendship, and secret love
  December Narcissus - the sweetness of whoever receives it