If your father or father figure is brilliant, don’t they deserve all the brilliance nature has to offer? And, after all they do for us, another aftershave gift pack or more golf gear just isn’t going to cut it.

To ensure we all have a happy Father’s Day this year, we need to make sure our special men don’t get left behind anymore.


Why send flowers to him?

Flowers are special –  They’re the best of nature’s beauty. Flowers convey all sorts of meanings without you needing to say a word. It’s only right that your dad gets to enjoy these meanings too, with some flowers for Father’s Day.


Not sure what flowers to choose? Don’t worry. All our bouquets are hand-crafted by an artisan florist so it’s entirely unique – he’s one-of-a-kind and his gift should be too. If he’s never been given flowers before, this special day is the perfect time to surprise him. Give him a truly memorable and thoughtful gift with some flowers for Father’s Day, so he can experience the true power of flowers.


Get him a bouquet that tells him all the qualities you value and appreciate in him. Roses are not only beautiful, but symbolic of his courage to guide you through life. The delicate statice can symbolise the good memories you have together or that you can’t wait to spend more time with him, while alstroemeria reflect his strength and your special bond.


If words don’t come easily, flowers are a fab way to say everything without saying anything. Show your dad, step-dad, or like-a-dad what he means to you this Father’s Day with a gift he won’t be expecting – flowers!




If you really think 'why would I buy my dad flowers over a pair of socks or a handkerchief' think again, as he'll now thats coming. Why not surprise him this Father's Day with something real for him to enjoy. For something longer term you could gift dad a indoor plant for his office space, corner nook or living area to liven the space.


Shop our Father's Day collection now and knock his socks off with flowers.