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  • Joining Interflora as a Florist

Joining Interflora as a Florist

Mission Statement:

To provide, promote and support constant excellence and a reliable member service network that meets the needs of the public for the gathering, transmission and delivery of floral orders and related gift items within New Zealand and worldwide.

Joining Interflora as a florist:

We would like to thank you for your interest in our organisation.  After reading our mission statement you will start to understand the ethos that drives Interflora as a company.  To achieve our mission statement we know the necessity of maintaining high standards in all areas and through effective educational, marketing, promotional programmes and the continuing development of new technology, we are more than meeting the demands of an ever changing market place and achieving our goals.

  • You will be joining the world’s largest and most popular flower delivery network with over 75 years of experience world-wide.
  • With over 58,000 florists worldwide delivering to 140 countries we can give global coverage and still maintain the highest standard demanded.
  • Each New Zealand Member receives an average of over 700 inward orders a year through the Interflora network.
  • The average value of each order received is around $70.00
  • Each member shares in the profits.  We distribute profits back to our members.
  • All members are equal – profit distributions are made fairly to all members on the same basis.

Our Company:

Interflora Pacific Unit Limited is a co-operative company, registered in New Zealand and owned and run by its member florists through an elected Board of Directors.

  • As well as New Zealand, Interflora Pacific Unit Limited has responsibility for Interflora memberships in Hong Kong, China, Brunei, Cambodia, Cook Islands, Fiji, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Tonga, Vietnam and Western Samoa.
  • You will be required to apply for one share in the Company to be issued to you.  Under the Securities Act (Co-operative Companies) Exemption Notice 2002, we are required to supply you with the Investment Statement of the Company.  This will be sent to you on request and is also available to download from our web site here.
  • Further information about the shares in the Company is contained in the latest prospectus and financial statement of the Company.  A copy of the prospectus and the most recent financial statements of the Company can be obtained free of charge from the Company at 322 Manchester Street, Christchurch.  In addition, the prospectus and financial statements can be viewed on the Companies Office website at

Requirements for Interflora membership:

In order to join Interflora you must operate from a recognizable retail floral studio and be able to supply quality fresh flowers and accessories at a level acceptable to Interflora.  You must also be able to demonstrate a standard of floristry acceptable to Interflora and be able to provide all the facilities necessary for the reception, transmission and delivery of orders acceptable to Interflora.  The condition of your business premises must be acceptable to the Board.

To achieve this you will be required to undergo an examination by an Interflora Approved Examiner.  This will cover an evaluation of your premises, stock and services and a practical assessment of your floristry work.  This report will then be submitted to the Membership Committee for consideration.

You will be required to deliver all items in our current Selection Guide.  These can be viewed on our web site at  Your shop will be expected to stock the sundry lines necessary to make up these articles to the standard required of Interflora.

Any applicant who is not a florist must have a person employed in their studio who has a current Interflora approved nominated florist certificate.  If not then your florist will need to be examined to demonstrate that they can meet the standard of floristry required by Interflora.  You will also be required to undertake that if you cease to employ any such person,  notification must be made to Interflora immediately and you are required to replace such person with another approved nominated florist within 3 weeks.  It is important that this person is employed during your normal opening business hours.  If this includes weekend trading then you will be expected to have a nominated florist to cover these extra days.

New businesses must have traded for at least 12 months before they can be considered for admission to ensure that they meet the standards required by Interflora.

New members must have a computer for receiving and sending orders through Interflora's order entry system (IMOX).

Not only must the standards required be met at the time of application but they also must be maintained in order to continue with your Interflora membership.  There are a range of considerations open in determining whether the required standards can be maintained on an ongoing basis.

If you are admitted as an Interflora member you will be obliged to put all orders you receive for distant towns through the Interflora system and not deliver to a member town that has an Interflora member, even if it can be done for no extra cost.

In addition Interflora needs to promote and protect its brand and if allowing a new member or members in a particular area is likely to have a significant negative impact on the brand of Interflora, and/or the ability of existing members to meet the required standards, then this can be taken into account when assessing membership applications.  However this does not mean that existing members can raise objection to the admission of a new member simply because it may have a negative financial impact on their business unless this impact was likely to be so significant it would be unlikely that the new member and the relevant existing members would be able to meet the required standards on an ongoing basis.

An important part of your Interflora membership is the obligation to display and promote the trade marks of Interflora in accordance with the direction and usage guidelines as laid down by the Board.  It is essential that the trade marks are displayed prominently in your shop premises and that the Mercury emblem and word mark “Interflora” are displayed in a position clearly visible to the public from the path, roadway or public access way to your premises.  When assessing your membership application the Membership Committee will want to see that the display requirement can be met for the benefit and promotion of the brand.

Procedure to obtain Interflora Membership:

Our Entry Fee structure is as follows:

  • Application fee $345.00 (non refundable) includes GST.
  • Fidelity Bond Deposit $200.00 Refundable if applicant is unsuccessful or upon resignation.

NB: Both above payable on application, or contact us for our deferred payment option.

  • Applicants purchasing an Interflora business which currently holds an Interflora membership are obliged to commence their deposit at the amount last maintained by the former member in those premises.  This amount, less the initial deposit, is payable 30 days after membership approval.
  • The Fidelity Bond is to be maintained at an amount equal to 1.5% of the total net value of that members incoming and outgoing orders the preceding year with a minimum of $200.00 per member.  Fidelity Bond Deposits are fully refundable 180 days after the expiration of membership.

You need to allow at least 2 weeks from the time of application before your intended take over date.

If you can meet all these requirements then we ask that you fill in our membership questionnaire.

Adobe Acrobat DocumentMembership Questionnaire

If you require any further information please call Nicky Ellis: 0800 763 100.

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