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Flower arrangements featuring colourful gerberas, elegant roses, long-lasting orchids and aromatic lilies. Our range of different flower types and carefully crafted arrangements will suit any occasion.

  • Roses

    “It was roses, roses, all the way,” for Robert Browning, “and myrtle mixed in my path like mad...” Myrtle may not be in the sprigs of greenery with which Interflora lovingly trims your arm-load of flowers, but roses world-wide carry a message of love, faithfulness, and constancy. From the dawn of civilisation, in China, in Greece and Rome, and in Arabia, through mediaeval days and now in the present, this has never varied: “a rose is a rose is a rose, loveliness extreme” said another poet, Gertrude Stein. View our collection of flower arrangements featuring roses.

  • Gerberas

    "A gerbera is just a daisy with a University degree", Mark Twain might have said. Indeed, the family of daisies, asters, and gerberas includes sunflowers as well. Interflora (and Interflora's customers) appreciate the size, shape, and beauty of gerberas. Colourful and long-lasting, ranging in size from as petite as a tea-cup to as big as a saucer, gerberas could well feature in the Interflora arrangement that you send. View our collection of flower arrangements featuring gerberas.

  • Lilies

    Lilies reassure the stressed and comfort the afflicted, the perfumed scent of lilies is instantly recognisable. Lilies say that you are there in spirit and that your support is real. Each bloom invites meditation. Their perfection of form and purity of colour - not always wholly white - seems eternal, yet it springs anew each season from hidden resources. In seasons of celebration, too, lilies take a calm and joyful role. They are a festive part of a festive tradition. View our collection of flower arrangements featuring lilies.

  • Orchids

    People love orchids for their variety, colour, shape and long life. Many orchids are scented, and the vanilla plant is technically an orchid. The family as a whole rivals the daisy family in size. Each has tens of thousands of varieties, and botanists cannot count them exactly. Interflora florists know the best in each season. View our collection of flower arrangements featuring orchids.

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