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Many occasions of a floral message are joyful.  In other cases, of course, flowers express tribute, sympathy and sorrow.  Many floral messages link to a specific date. Rely on Interflora's professional service to get there on time. Some festivals are fixed in the calendar.  Some are literally “moveable feasts”, including many religious celebrations.  Other festivities, while not religious, depend on the 13-month lunar calendar.  In our multi-stranded, multi-coloured world, flowers from Interflora unite us all. 

How splendid to have one of these festive arrangements arrive at Christmas
Celebrate a birth and salute the proud parents with an Interflora bouquet.
However old and wise they may be, everyone appreciates a birthday greeting.
Is there any anniversary, which is not enhanced by flowers?

Depend on Interflora to deliver a token of your love on Valentine's Day.

On Mother's Day, let your mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, gran and nan know you care.

Men appreciate beauty too, and Father's Day is a splendid time for a man to get a sincere thank you.

Cards are nice to look at when in hospital, and flowers say Get Well Soon even more so.

In death as well as life, a floral tribute is always right, always appropriate, always the very best thing to accompany your personal message of sympathy and sorrow. More and more, too, a funeral becomes a celebration of the life of the person who has died. Your flowers enhance that celebration.


Interflora’s flowers and gifts are perfect for any occasion throughout the year.  Make sure you mark these dates in your calendar or sign up to My Interflora and then you can select email reminders for your special dates.  

Holidays 2012 date 2013 date
Valentine's Day Tuesday, 14 Feruary Thursday, 14 February
Good Friday Friday, 6 April Friday, 29 March
Anzac Day Wednesday, 25 April Thursday, 25 April
Easter Sunday, 8 April Sunday, 31 March
Mother's Day Sunday, 13 May Sunday, 12 May
Father's Day Sunday, 2 September Sunday, 1 September
Christmas Tuesday, 25 December Wednesday, 25 December


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