How to Build our Christmas Wreath

This Christmas, we've given our customers the opportunity to unleash their inner creative by putting together a DIY Christmas Wreath. Perfect for a front door decoration, a gift to someone, or just to hang somewhere in the home - our wreaths have a multitude of uses! Below, we've left our step-by-step instructions to help you create your festive masterpiece.


Step one

Begin by bunching your base flowers (see image below) together in two bunches with florist wire and placing them on the ring to frame your arrangement leaving space in the middle. Hot glue gun in place.



Step two

Wire together and glue in place your second layer and fill the middle of your wreath arrangement to frame your pinecones and berries.



Step three

Finish your wreath arrangement by gluing your pinecones and berries in your desired position. You can hang up your wreath with the twine provided and enjoy your creation.


We encourage you to try out designs that don’t follow the one above. Try something different and let us know how it turns out!

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