How to Care for Peonies

Peony lovers rejoice! Peonies are back for a short but oh-so-sweet season. Just like all things special in life, the proper love and care will make peonies thrive. Below, we’ve listed our top tips to make sure you get the most of your peonies.


They Come In Bud

We send out our peonies in bud so that you can enjoy them for longer. If you’re concerned that your peonies are struggling to open up, there's a few tricks to help them.

1. Check for sticky sap on the petals. Peonies naturally produce a sticky sap that can prevent them from opening. If you spot the sap on your peonies, wet your fingers with warm water and rub where the sap is until it’s all washed off.

2. Re-trim the stems of your peonies and place them in warm water for 24 hours. The warm water can activate the flowers to open up.


Trim the Stems

Like all of our flowers, we highly recommend trimming the stems before placing them in a vase. Cut the stem at a 45-degree angle, this guarantees the flowers will soak up the maximum amount of water.


Remove Leaves that Sit Below the Waterline

If there are any leaves on the stems of your peonies that will end up sitting in the water, pluck these off before putting them in water. This prevents any potential rotting.


Feed Your Peonies 

Your peonies should be delivered with a packet of flower food. After trimming your stems, empty the packet of flower food into a vase full of lukewarm water and give it a stir before adding in your peonies. The flower food is designed to keep bacteria out of the water for as long as possible.


Change the Water

Every 2-3 days replace the water the peonies are sitting in. It’s important to keep the water fresh so bacteria doesn’t grow.


Keep Away from Direct Sunlight

Like all other flowers, peonies won't last long if there are sat in direct sunlight. Make sure when placing your peonies, you're keeping them in a spot that has indirect sunlight.