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Valentine's Day Roses

Roses have always been a staple to our Valentine’s Day arsenal, but why is that? In the lead up to this years’ V-day, we’re taking a closer look into the traditions surrounding the holiday, plus what it means to us. In this blog post, we’re looking back at the history of giving roses on Valentine’s Day.


We’ve spoken at length about how different flowers hold their own personal meanings. Roses, specifically red roses, have commonly been linked to the Greek goddess Aphrodite, the goddess of love and passion. There are a few different stories linked to why Aphrodite is associated with roses.

The most believed story relates to Aphrodite’s grief over seeing her injured lover. When walking through the woods, Aphrodite came across her lover, Adonis, wounded by a wild boar. It is said that her tears and his blood mixed to produce red roses when they sunk into the ground.

Another legend linking roses to Aphrodite centers around Mother Nature’s jealousy towards the goddess. Mother Nature was so jealous of Aphrodite’s natural beauty that she decided to create something to compete with her, and the red rose was created.


Why Red?

Roses are known to come in a range of different colours. From oranges and yellows to pinks and even purples, there’s definitely more than just red to choose from. So why is red the most popular? Each rose colour has its own meaning. Pink means appreciation, yellow is happiness and friendship, and white is for innocence. The red rose represents passion. You may want to mix up the colour of roses you gift someone depending on how you feel about them. For instance, you may consider them your best friend and partner, therefore it could be nice to include pink roses alongside red ones.


While roses are a symbol of your affection for someone, it’s the thought that counts. This Valentine’s Day, try branching out from traditional red roses, and opt for something else. Maybe the person you’re gifting them to loves lilies or has a soft spot for carnations. Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating the relationships you have with people, so try to gift the person you love with something that reminds you of them, or a special memory shared between the two of you.