Placing an Order

I am unable to select a delivery date 

Ensure that address is added by selecting from the drop-down address finder. 

Ensure the address is added into the address field and not the field above for company details (this field can be left blank). 

The address you are sending to may be an area with restricted items.  In which case a warning will be displayed with a click here option to view available products. 

Some areas can not be delivered to same day so that day will not be displayed as an option. 

Gift Boxes require a few days notice for delivery.  


The address I want flowers delivered to is not showing up in the drop-down box 

If you are sending to a business address e.g. a hospital, you may need to use an alternate street number.  Ensure you enter the company name in the designated box, and our florists will know where to go. 

A message should show saying ‘we can not deliver to this city’ if it is a non-delivereable area. 


Where do I put my card message? 

Once you have entered in the delivery details, continue onto the next page and you can put your card message in the box “Card Message”.  


What is the discount code/where do I apply it?  

At the final stage of placing your order, right before putting in your payment details, there is a discount code box where you can apply your code.  To keep up with the latest discount codes and special promotions, sign up to our newsletter.  


Can you do special requests e.g. using specific flowers, not including a certain flower type, etc? 

Once you find the flowers you would like to send, put in the delivery details and continue onto the next page, then you can put any flower requests in the “special delivery instructions” box. Our florists will do their best to fulfil your special request. 


Do you need special information for funeral/bereavement orders? 

Yes - giving the full name of the deceased is necessary to enable the florist executing the order to trace the funeral details to make delivery to the service. Funeral items i.e. wreath or funeral spray cannot be sent to the home, these requests may be changed to sympathy basket or bouquet. 


I didn’t receive my confirmation email?  

Please check your spam and junk folders. If the confirmation email is still not there, please reach out to our team via to request it. 


What credit cards and payment options do you accept? 

Visa, Mastercard, American Express and AfterPay. 


Can I pre-book flowers to be sent at a later date? 

Yes, you can select a future date for delivery. 


Is alcohol available? 

Alcohol is unable to be delivered by Interflora florists unless they hold their own liquor licence.   

Overseas countries have different rulings regarding alcohol. 

Some of our Gift Boxes for New Zealand can be ordered if you are over 18 years old and contain alcohol. 




What are the delivery costs? 

New Zealand orders standard delivery of $15.00, if any additional delivery is required it will be displayed at the checkout.  All prices to overseas countries include the delivery charge. 


What days can I get delivery in New Zealand? 

Any weekday (other than public holidays), Saturdays in most areas.  Deliveries are not available on Sundays or public holidays but are always available for Mother's Day. 


What is the latest time that we can submit an order for same-day delivery in New Zealand? 

For same-day delivery, order before 2pm on weekdays or 11am on Saturday, (NZ time) for same-day delivery where possible. 


When will my flowers be delivered? 

Our florists, and their couriers make deliveries throughout the day and up until early evening.  We are not able to provide exact delivery times. 


Do you offer tracking? 

At this stage, we do not offer tracking on our orders. If you are concerned that your order was not delivered, please get in contact with our team at and we will investigate this for you. 


Can I have confirmation of my delivery? 

In some cases you will be sent an email informing you that the order is on its way.  We do not send out confirmation of delivery but we are happy to check with our florist for you if you are concerned an order has not been delivered just email us at  


Are you able to deliver to Hospitals, Rest Homes or Care Facilities? 

This can vary between locations.  Christchurch Hospital does not accept any flowers.  We suggest that you check directly with the hospital or rest home before placing an order.  We also recommend choosing an item that is in a container or a water-filled box. 

If you place an order and delivery can not be made, we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss alternatives or arrange for a full refund.  


International Delivery 


Are deliveries to overseas countries possible? 

Yes, deliveries can be made to most international destinations. You will need a full address including postal code and a contact phone number for the recipient to place the order.  If your order is not able to be delivered, for whatever reason, we will contact you as soon as possible to make necessary changes to the order or arrange for a full refund. 


What countries can Interflora deliver to and is delivery available to any location for international deliveries? 

Over 150 countries worldwide.  Click to see the international list. 


When can I place my orders for overseas delivery? 

For same-day delivery (weekdays) place your order by 3.00 p.m.  For Saturday delivery (limited in some countries) by 11.00 a.m. Saturday.   

Sundays and Public holidays are not available. 


If you would like to get in touch with our service team today, send us a chat message, email us at